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Fireplace (gas)

Facts About Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace can be a very clean, energy-efficient way to heat your home while adding a special charm. Whether you have one, or are thinking about getting one, here are some safety tips and maintenance tasks that you should consider. more

Low-Cost Ways to Save Energy This Winter

Some energy-saving projects take several years to pay back the cost of doing them. But here are six ways to save energy this winter, that will save you more than their cost in just one heating season! more

Choosing the Right Fire Extinguisher

You should definitely have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, garage, and workshop. This article explains: the different types of fire extinguishers; how to select the right one; and how to properly use them. more

Where Your Home Energy Dollar Goes

Ever wonder where your energy dollars go in your home? This article shows you at-a-glance, so that you can focus on the areas that will give you the biggest bang-for-the-buck for reducing your home energy bill. more

Creative Ways for Increasing Home Humidity

Dry air in your home during the winter can cause problems affecting your family's health and comfort, and can damage your home's expensive woodwork. This article gives you some creative options for increasing the humidity in your home. more

Fireplace (gas)