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Fireplace (gas)

The Home Wizard app calculates your ideal home care program to avoid problems with your Fireplace (gas), but sometimes trouble can still occur. Here are answers to questions about fireplace (gas) won't turn on.


My gas fireplace won't light when the electric switch is turned on. In fact when the switch is flipped on, the gas pilot light slowly goes out. There is a click noise when the switch is flipped, then the flame goes out. But if I hold the pilot light knob in when the switch is flipped, the pilot light stays on, but nothing happens. What part should I be replacing?


Dear Bill:

First, we believe that when it comes to gas fireplaces, that for safety reasons that they should be inspected and serviced by trained technicians who can actually see your unit and have been trained to make the appropriate changes.

With that said, from what you have described, it sounds like your gas fireplace may have a problem with its thermocouple. If your unit is fired with propane, which burns hotter than natural gas, then your thermocouple will tend to burn out more often.

Here is a webpage that describes how to diagnose problems with a thermocouple:

Hope this is helpful.

Fireplace (gas)