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QUESTION FROM cheermomlm

QUESTION from cheermomlm on 3/2/2008:

Why is water pouring from the dishwasher vent into the sink?


Dear cheermomlm:

If you have water pouring out of your dishwasher air vent into the sink, then it sounds like you have a blockage in your dishwasher’s waste water discharge line. And as a result, the water travels back up through your air vent.

If you look under your sink you should see a hose coming from the dishwasher that is split into two hoses by a “Y” fitting. One part of the split leads to the drain and the other goes up to the air vent connection at the rear of your sink. When your dishwasher drains, an electric pump in the bottom of your dishwasher pushes the waste water from your dishwasher to the drain. If a blockage gets formed in the line between the drain under your sink and this “Y” fitting, then when your dishwasher tries to push the water to the drain, it can’t go this route, so it instead get pushed up the other branch of the “Y”, which is the hose that goes to your air vent.

The blockage in the line to your drain is typically caused by grease build-up. To clean this out, you will need to disconnect the hose that goes to your drain, and clear out the blockage using something like a bottle brush.

Hope this helpful.