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QUESTION from dw on 10/15/2008
Dishwasher maintenance-- Can we use bleach, tang and vinegar all in one cycle, or must the homeowner use one at a time?
Thank you.


Dear dw:

Innovative question!

Although doing a "bleach / Tang / vinegar" cocktail would definitely save time and energy (and of course we are always looking for ways to help you save energy and time!), unfortunately, we would recommend that you treat the scale problems with your dishwasher one step at a time.

The reason is that each of these treatments is designed to address a particular scale problem with your dishwasher (bleach for mold; Tang for rust; and vinegar for stains). And to allow each one of these treatments to do the best job, it would be most effective to dedicate an entire cycle to just that treatment.

Now if your dishwasher is having problems with mold, rust and stains, and are then wondering what order to do your treatments, then I would recommend that you do them in the order of which of the problems is worse. So if your biggest problem, for example, is rust, then I would suggest doing the Tang treatment first. And so on.

Hope this is helpful.