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QUESTION from Eduardo on 4/1/2008:

when troubleshooting the washer and the washer fails to fill with water you have already checked water pump for proper operation and the water pump is operational, what is you next step in this procedure?


Dear Eduardo:

There are two power-activated electronic valves in your washing machine, one for cold water and one for hot water. When your washing machine goes through it cycles, depending on what settings you are using, these valves receive power to them at the appropriate time in the cycle to open and close. In other words, when they receive power, these electronic valves open up to allow either hot or cold water to flow into your washer.

Since you are not getting water to your washer, here are some things that you can check:

1) Close the valves to the water hoses that go to your washer, then disconnect the water hoses from the washer. Then, with a bucket under the hose, open the valve to see if water comes out of the hose. Repeat for the other hose.

2) Check where the hose connects to the washer and see if the screen that is inside of the fitting where the hose connects to washer is plugged up. Be very careful if you are trying to clean out this screen, as with some model washers, this screen can be very difficult to replace.

3) If this inlet screen is clear, then the next thing to check is the electronic valve that controls the hot water (often called a "solenoid" valve). Testing the solenoid valves for your washer is probably something that you want to ask a professional to do for you. To do it yourself you will need to unplug the power cord from the wall, get a owner's manual, and then use a multitester meter to see if the solenoid valve is reading the proper amount across the terminals of the valve (although if it reads 'infinity', then the valve is bad). But again, testing a solenoid valve on your washing machine is something that you should ask a professional to do.

Hopefully, it will turn out to be just a plugged screen.

Hope this is helpful for you.