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QUESTION from "Phil":

How do I remove rust forming on the sliding dish basket of an automatic dishwasher?



One question that I would have for you is whether you are seeing rust just on the sliding dish basket, or are you also seeing a rust-like film on the inside walls as well (it would look like a light brown staining on the walls)?

But assuming that the rust film is there, but it is just alot worse on the sliding dish basket, then the cure for this is citric acid. You can buy special packets of citric acid for your dishwasher, but believe it or not, what will work just as well is to use 'Tang' Breakfast Drink (that comes as an orange powder). Just fill both dishwasher cups with Tang Breakfast Drink powder, and then run your dishwasher through the normal cycle. If rust is really bad, then several treatments may be required. One hint though is to first run the hot water in the sink until it gets very hot, and then turn on your dishwasher. This ensures that your dishwasher starts with hot water.

Hope this is helpful.