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QUESTION from "liyarb":

Dishwasher keeps getting mildew in bottom of disherwasher where it drains. what can i do to stop this?



If you are getting mildew forming around the drain of your dishwasher, then there is moisture collecting at the bottom of your dishwasher.

This could be caused either by your dishwasher not pumping out all of the moisture completely, or it could because you are adding moisture by placing rinsed dishes in your dishwasher and the water is dripping down to the bottom.

A couple of other things that you can check are whether the drain area is partially plugged with food residue (leaving a ridge where moisture can puddle), or whether the water in your dishwasher is hot enough to dissolve the detergent that could cake up and also partially block the drain.

Lastly, are you allowing the heat cycle to dry your dishes after running, or are you trying to save energy by air drying, which is not drying out the dishwasher and allowing the standing moisture to create mold at the bottom?

Hope this is helpful.