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QUESTION from "Donna":

Our GFI keeps popping when we run the dishwasher - but we've had it for 8 years and have not relocated any other items. It won't pop if we run on a low energy cycle - but if we run it on normal it pops.



Regarding your GFI tripping off when you run your dishwasher on its normal energy cycle but not on the low energy cycle, it could be a couple of things happening:

1) as GFIs ("ground fault interrupters") get older over time, they sometimes begin to trip at lower power levels. So in other words, it may have been fine operating at let's say 20 amps for years, but now it trips at 18 amps as the GFI has worn out.

2) Your dishwasher may be exeriencing a power surge when the heater for your dishwasher's normal power kicks on, and this is what is tripping your GFI.

Either way, you probably want a qualified electrician to test your GFI and dishwasher.

Hope this is helpful.