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My Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care IV Heavy Duty 90 Series is leaking water from underneath? What can I do?


Dear Nellie:

There are several possible causes of a washing machine leaking water from underneath it:

1) broken door seal (front loading washer).
2) pump leaking.
3) water pipe leaking.
4) faulty water-level sensor (causing over-filling).
4) blocked pressure chamber (causing over-filling).
5) air pipe split or detached (causing over-filling).
6) faulty pressure switch (causing over-filling).

Since your Kenmore 90 Series is a top loading washer, the door seal will not be the issue. But in general, the seal on a front loading washer would need to be checked for holes or tears that could allow leaks, or irregularities which could be preventing the door from properly sealing.

Regarding a pump leaking, if you see a white residue around the pump mountings, this could be an indication of where the pump has been leaking and where the soapy water has evaporated and left a trail of dried soap.

Regarding water pipe leaking, sometimes the pipe unions may need to be tightened.

As shown above, there are several problems that can cause the tub to overfill, and as a result, cause the water you a seeing underneath your washing machine. For example, a faulty water level sensor could be allowing the tub to overfill. The water level sensor consists of a pressure barrel which can be located at the bottom of the tub, or on one of the pipes leading to the pump. As the water level increases, it forces air up a tube to a pressure chamber which activates one or more the level switches. If you have a blocked pressure chamber, a split pipe, detached pipe or faulty pressure switch, any of these can allow the tub to overfill with water. One way to test the pressure switch is by removing the pipe and blowing into it, to see if you can hear distinct clicks for each water level.

Hope this is helpful.

QUESTION FROM John Paul Howard

Hi I have a Whirlpool wwq24 top loader washing machine, its loosing water with soap residues, it started in a small scale but now its a little bit more serious can you help.
What can I do?


Dear John Paul:

Causes of water leaking from a washing machine can include:

1) Worn or leaky hoses that should be replaced.

2) Connections, fitting, couplings, hose clamps, etc. that need to be tightened.

3) A plugged up standpipe that causes drain water to backup, which needs to be cleaned out.

4) If your machine is oversudsing it could be causing your machine to overflow. You might want to try switching using less detergent or a low-sudsing brand.

5) Your machine may have a faulty basket gasket or tub seal and bearing that must be replaced by a trained appliance repairperson.

Hope this is helpful.


my washer seems to leak when I put bleach in the bleach dispenser. Any ideas?


Dear Susan:

If your washer seems to leak when you put bleach into the bleach dispenser, here are a couple of potential sources of the problem:

1) The bleach dispenser itself may have developed cracks. Long exposure to bleach, especially chlorine as opposed to oxygenating bleach, can cause this. On most washing machines, a bleach dispenser is a replacement item.

2) The hose from the bleach dispenser may have developed leaks, and this would need to be replaced.

3) The water hose that goes to the bleach dispenser may have developed leaks, and this would need to be replaced.

Hope this is helpful.

QUESTION FROM Lakeside Weasel

My washing machine leaks into the basin where the clothing goes. It is a drip about once per second all the time whether the washer is being run or not. What are the possible causes?


Dear LakesideWeasel:

If your washing machine is leaking into the basin even when it is turned off, then it sounds like you have a faulty water inlet valve which needs to be replaced.

The water inlet valves are located at the back of your washing machine where the two water hoses from the wall connect (one hot and one cold). When one of these valves fail, it allows water to leak past it. If your drip is hot water, then it is the hot water inlet valve that has likely failed. Likewise, if your drip is cold water, then it is likely the cold water inlet valve that has failed.

Hope this is helpful.


I hope you can help. I noticed that water is leaking out the very bottom of the garbage disposal. I did some research and it seems the seal might need to be replaced. Strange thing is, it only leaks when the washing machine is running. Turning on water in the faucet and letting it run does not cause the leaking to occur. Only when the washing machine runs does it begin to leak. Is this natural or should I be looking for something different?



Dear Mickey:

From what you've described, it sound like you have your washing machine and garbage disposal both connected to the same drain system. What could be happening is that if this drain is partially clogged then the high volume of water flow/pressure going into the drain from the washing machine discharge could be causing the water to back up into your garbage disposal unit, where is it able to leak out where the flange is not tight. And then when you are just running the sink by itself, the smaller volume of water is able to make it through the partially clogged drain, which is why you don't see the leak when you are just running the sink/disposal and not the washer.

Hope this is helpful.

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