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I have a Kenmore washer model 110.15942401. It is leaving small circle bleach spots on my dark clothes. I would appreciate any information available.

Thank you.


Dear Cheryl:

Here are some ideas that you might consider regarding washing machine leaving bleach spots on your dark clothes:

1) Do you use the bleach dispenser in your washer? If so, there could be some bleach that remains in the dispenser and is deposited on the next load. You might want to add the bleach as the water is filling instead.

2) The source of the bleach spots may not be liquid bleach, but rather could be coming from other bleaching sources in your home that are getting onto your clothes. Other bleaching sources can include:

o whitening toothpastes
o acne medicines
o some mouthwashes
o high chlorine levels in your water supply

3) Could you be using a detergent that might contain bleach? There are reports that some detergents that claim not to have bleach actually do have bleach in them, and this can cause spotting on dark clothes. Have you tried switching detergents?

4) In some rare cases, a person's body chemistry has been known to contribute to bleach spots in clothing when the clothes are washed.

Hope this is helpful.

Washing Machine