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The Home Wizard app calculates your ideal home care program to avoid problems with your Washing Machine, but sometimes trouble can still occur. Here are answers to questions about washing machine abrupt shut down.


I have a Maytag front loader washing machine,all of a sudden when I put it on it runs for 10 seconds and shuts off,that is on all cycles and spin.No matter where I set it the most it goes on is for 10 seconds then stops.Can you help


Dear Cathy:

Most of the time, a washing machine stopping like this at the beginning of each cycle is due to a problem with the door switch, which tells the washer that the door is closed. If this switch is bad, or loose such that it trips the washer each time the cycle begins, then it could be what is causing your washer to keep stopping.

The other possible option is that there is a problem with your washer's timer mechanism.

Hope this is helpful.


Thanks so much for your advice, I will check that out.

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