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My hot water does not work on the washing machine. I have checked the hose and the on and off valve, the water flows freely through the hose but once connected to the washing machine the water only dribbles out. The cold water works fine. Is there a fix? The model that I have is a Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care 80 series Model #82681110. Any info would help

thank you.



There are two power-activated electronic valves in your washing machine, one for cold water and one for hot water. When your washing machine goes through it cycles, depending on what settings you are using, these valves receive power to them at the appropriate time in the cycle to open and close. In other words, when they receive power, these electronic valves open up to allow either hot or cold water to flow into your washer. I assume that when you say the hot water "just dribbles" out, that you are checking it when the setting is showing that hot water should be coming into the washer.

Since you have already checked that hot water flows out of the hose that goes to your washer, there are two things left to check. The first is to check where the hose connects to the washer and see if the screen that is inside of the fitting where the hose connects to washer is plugged up. Be very careful if you are trying to clean out this screen, as with some model washers, this screen can be very difficult to replace.

If this inlet screen is clear, then the next thing to check is the electronic valve that controls the hot water (often called a "solenoid" valve). Testing the solenoid valves for your washer is probably something that you want to ask a professional to do for you. To do it yourself you will need to unplug the power cord from the wall, get a owner's manual from Kenmore (I didn't find one online), and then use a multitester meter to see if the solenoid valve is reading the proper amount across the terminals of the valve (although if it reads 'infinity', then the valve is bad). But again, testing a solenoid valve on your washing machine is something that you should ask a professional to do.

Hopefully, it will turn out to be just a plugged screen.

Hope this is helpful for you.


I have a Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care Washer Model 110. My hot water will not shut off unless you turn the valve off. The machine will start the wash cycle once it gets to the fill level but the hot water is still running. You can turn the machine off and the hot water still runs. I have checked the lines what else should I check?



From the description of your problem, it sounds like your washing machine has a stuck hot water solenoid valve than needs to be replaced.

Other possible causes of water that doesn't shut off in a washing machine are: bad water level switch; an air leak or a kink in your water level switch hose; an air leak in your air dome; or problems with your machine's timer.

But from what you described, it sounds like it is most likely that your hot water solenoid valve has gone bad.

Hope this is helpful.

QUESTION FROM cobenshain

I have an old Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care Series 90 washing machine. Only hot water runs thru the detergent dispensing tray even when the cold temperature setting is selected. After a gallon or two of water is pumped through the dispensing tray, the right temperature water gets filled into the tub. My wife swears that it did not do this until we moved into the new house. I have checked the hose connections and hoses for clogs.


Dear Cobenshain:

It is very odd that your detergent dispensing tray puts out hot water when you have the cold temperature selected. I'm wondering if there could be a problem with your control unit?

One thing you can try is to shut the hot water faucet at your wall, and with all of the settings on cold, see if the water to the detergent tray still comes out hot. If so, then the hot water solenoid could be leaking and filling up the line with hot water, which stays in the line until the cycle for the detergent tray flushes it through. Might be a bit of a long-shot, but it's easy to try.

If it helps, here is the toll-free customer service number for Kenmore: 1-888-536-6673.

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