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when loading the depenser with washing products the washer leaks from the bottom of washer.Front loader GE Model WVBH624OFWW


Dear dsugarg:

Leaking water from a soap dispenser can be caused by three reasons:

1) The hose from the dispenser has gotten blocked, usually with undissolved soap powder. You will need to remove the hose and clear the blockage;

2) If black grunge has formed on the top of the soap dispenser, it can cause water to spray towards the front and leak. To correct this, you will need to take out the soap dispenser drawer and look at the roof of the soap dispenser. If the grunge is blocking the water holes, it will need to be cleaned off or the dispenser will need to be replaced; and

3) Water flooding out of the front of a washing machine's soap dispenser can also be an indication of overfilling or a partial pump blockage, if it does it when the washer is spinning.

Hope this is helpful.

Washing Machine