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My 2 year old kenmore front loading washing machine lights up when I try to wash a load. After a few minutes the lights just go off and nothing else happens. I really can't afford a big repair bill. This was a 900 dollar machine and I hoped it would last longer than this. Any suggestions?


Dear hahnsmith:

Let's see if we can help you out.

I'm hoping for you that it is something simple, so let's first check to see if it is either that your wash load is unbalanced, or that you have a faulty door switch.

So first, have you tried emptying out your washer, and then turning it on to see if it will run completely empty? If so, then the load was unbalanced and this was keeping it from running.

Next, can you locate the switch for the door (you should see a little pin on the inside of your door that pushes in a little tab as the door is closing. You can check to see if this is stuck or jammed. Unfortunately, to do a real check on this switch, you have to have an electric meter.

If neither of these are your problem, then could you please let me know: what model Kenmore washer that you have; specifically which lights come on; and exactly at what point in the cycle they turn on?

One other suggestion, is if you haven't already tried calling them, here is the toll-free phone number for Sears customer service for Kenmore appliances, and hopefully they maybe able to help you over the phone: 1-800-349-4358

Hope this is helpful.

Washing Machine