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Garbage Disposal

Routine Care Task

Clean disposer by grinding up ice cubes


The procedure sharpens the cutting blade and cleans out built-up debris and scale.


February (yearly)

NOTE: The tasks and timings shown here for your Garbage Disposal are based on a single-family home (owned), located in Massachusetts, United States, with priority set at ‘1 star' or higher, for all possible goals.

If you set your personalization differently in your Home Wizard app, then you may get reminders for different tasks and timings in your recommended home care program for your Garbage Disposal.

How To

garbage disposal care The following is the procedure for cleaning your garbage disposal:

Place ice cubes in the disposal, grind them up, and flush with cold water. This will help sharpen the blades and remove buildup from the inside of the disposer.

Pour a cup of vinegar into the sink drain and let it sit for about one hour, then flush down with very hot water This will help to remove scale build-up.

NEVER put your hand in the unit. Even if the motor doesn't accidentally start up, the cutting jaws are sharp enough to cut your fingers.

Helpful Accessories

White Vinegar
White Vinegar

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Ice Cube Trays
Ice Cube Trays

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  • Avoiding Unscheduled Repairs
  • Maintaining Value
  • Health & Safety

The benefits of this task is that it helps to ensure the smooth operation of your garbage disposal, and helps to reduce the chance of having plumbing problems.


The cost of this task is relatively low. It is estimated that this task should take about an hour to complete, and the task is relatively easy to do. No specialized tools are required, but you will need to have ice and vinegar on hand.

Garbage Disposal