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i have a garbage disposal that has died but i dont want to replace it i want to remove it but i also have a dishwasher hose that is connected to it. How hard would this be to replace and what would i need to do is it something i can do or do i need to hire a plumber any help would be appreciated thank you for your time


Dear Teresa:

If you are fairly handy, yes, permanently removing a garbage disposal and re-piping up your dishwasher into your drain is a job that requires only basic tools and you might be comfortable doing yourself. HOWEVER, where it could be more complicated is if your local plumbing regulations require you to have an "air gap", and if you don't have one now.

Otherwise the task requires removing your old garbage disposal, replacing it with a new strainer basket at the bottom of your sink, adding plumbing to replace where your disposal was, and re-attaching your dishwasher drain hose.

I don't have a video for you that shows how to permanently remove a disposal, but if it helps you, here are several videos that show you how to do the various parts of the task:

Removing a garbage disposal:

Installing a dishwasher drain hose (starts about half-way through the video):

General information on under-sink plumbing hints:

And here's a good illustration of how to install the dishwasher drain hose, both with and without an air trap:

In particular, note in the videos and illustration where it points out the importance of:

1) sloping pipes in the correct manner.

2) when to hand-tighten connections

3) and that the dishwasher drain connection to sink drain pipe needs to be at least 20" off of the floor.

However, getting back to the question of whether or not you need an "air gap" installed between your dishwasher and your sink drain, this is where you may decide to bring in a professional plumber. As you will see in the videos and illustrations in the links above, your dishwasher can drain directly into above the sink's trap once you have removed your disposal. You will be replacing a section of your sink drain's tailpiece with a "dishwasher tailpiece", which has a short T-shape nipple that connects to the dishwasher's drain hose. The big question is whether or not you need to install an "air gap". And here's where you may need to consult a plumber, or your local health commissioner. To prevent wastewater from draining or siphoning back into the dishwasher, many areas of the country have plumbing regulations that require that an "air-gap" fixture be installed between the dishwasher and the sink drain (or disposal). As shown in the illustration link above, the air gap mounts on top of the sink or counter right next to the sink and connects to two flexible hoses: one that runs to the dishwasher's drain and another one that runs to the sink's trap or the dishwasher inlet on the disposal. In some areas of the country, local plumbing regulations allow looping the dishwasher's drain hose in a high arc up under the countertop as an alternative to installing an air gap. If your sink doesn't have an unused hole for mounting the air gap, you'll need to bore one in the countertop next to the sink using an electric drill and a hole saw or have the sink top professionally drilled.


Hope this is helpful.


We just bought a house and the slotted rubber boot in the garbage disposal, the one you see when you look down the garbage disposal from on top (in the sink) is all torn up. Can I replace this rubber boot myself or do I need to call a plumber? Thank you so much.


Dear Dru:

The slotted rubber boot that you are referring to on your garbage disposal is a called a "splash guard", and it keeps items from flying out of your garbage disposal when it is running. So yes, if this is not completely intact, then it should be replaced for safety reasons.

If you are fairly handy, then yes, replacing a splash guard on a garbage disposal is a rather straight-forward job that you can do yourself.

As far a guide for how to replace a garbage disposal splash guard, here are a couple of things that will help you:

1) Here is a "do-it-yourself" step by step guide for how to replace the splash guard:

2) And here are some video tutorials on how to install and replace a garbage disposal.: l Even though you are not going to be replacing your entire garbage disposal, I thought it might be helpful to see these videos which show how the entire thing works.

Hope this is helpful.


My advise on IMPROVING home wizard???? You got to be kidding...this is the best thing since sliced bread.

I happened upon it just a few days ago and already you have answered two questions for me.....I think this is a wonderful place.

Thank you so much.


Thank you so very much for teaching us how to replace a rubber boot on the garbage disposal....your information was complete and easy to follow (I think as I have not actually done it yet)...thanks again.


My house came with a badger 5 installed but recently became unserviceable. I just bought the badger 1 at lowes and was wondering if I had to buy the same kind or go with the cheaper one?


Dear Tina:

I assume by "Badger 5" that you are referring to an InSinkerator brand garbage disposal.

As you may already know, the Badger 5 is a 1/2 horsepower garbage disposal, whereas the Badger 1 is a less powerful (and less expensive) 1/3 horsepower model.

The problem with installing a less powerful Badger 1 unit is that they do not last as long as the more powerful Badger 5.

Regarding whether you can get by with a less powerful garbage disposal will depend on how you plan to use it. For example, do plan to use it frequently, or do you have a compost pile in your yard for kitchen waste? Also, do you do routine maintenance on your garbage disposal, as described in our Maintenance Library:

Hope this is helpful.


How do I replace garbage disposal blades housing on a sinkmaster 450. It looks like housing holding blades is roting?


Dear NICK651:

My understanding is that the blades for a Sinkmasteer 450 are NOT replaceable.

Regarding the housing, you might want to check with the manufacturer, but I would think that this is a case where it would be better to replace the entire garbage disposal unit, rather going through the effort/cost of replacing the housing, and having the motor go bad later.

Hope this is helpful.


My kitchen aid disposal KCDI250X has one of the blades rusted so it does not move. I believe they call this the shredder. How do I get to it to replace it or to see if I can work it free? Cannot get angle on it from top. Pulled unit, took off plastic cover, sound foam but cannot get the unit to split in half. Looks like top twists from bottom, but cannot seem to do it. Help?


Dear Chriss:

You might want to check with the manufacturer first to make sure that you can get replacement parts for a KitchenAid KCD1250X garbage disposal. With many brands of garbage disposals, it is more economical to replace the entire unit than it is to repair them. And as a result, some manufacturers don't sell replacement parts, just the entire unit.

Hope this is helpful.


Let me try this one more time. My kitchen aid disposal KCDI250X has one of the blades rusted so it does not move (sometimes called an impeller). I believe they call this the shredder. How do I get to it to replace it or to see if I can work it free? Cannot get angle on it from top. Pulled unit, took off plastic cover, sound foam but cannot get the unit to split in half. Looks like top twists from bottom, but cannot seem to do it. Kitchen Aid does sell the part I need, and I may be able to get it for free. So, how does one physically get the unit to split apart in the middle so I can undo the screw and remove the rotating disc with attached impellers? If you do not know, you can just say so ;0)



Here's the toll-free number for KitchenAid: 1-800-422-1230. You can call them and ask them if their specific model KCD1250X is made to be opened and repaired, or if they advise replacing the entire unit.

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