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My central air unit is running but no air is blowing from the registers...What should I check?


Dear mzhignz:

If your outside air conditioning unit is running, but you are not getting any air flow coming out of your registers, then I would suggest checking to see if you have blown a fuse (or tripped an electrical breaker) on your inside air handler unit.

Most central air conditioning units have two circuit breakers, one for the inside unit and one for the outside unit, and they will be located in the main electrical panel for your house. If you need to replace the fuse for the inside unit BE VERY CAREFUL as your air conditioning system is wired for high voltage. If you are unsure of yourself, then this may be something that you will want to have a trained professional do for you. If you have switch-style electrical breakers, check to see if the breaker in your electrical panel for your house has clicked into the "off" position. If it has, then move it over to the "on" position. If it clicks back to the "off" position, then you likely have a short-circuit in your air conditioning unit, and you will need to call a professional to inspect it.

If your problem is not due to a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, then other possible causes include:

o fan belt is broken in your inside air handler unit.

o someone accidentally turned off the switch located on the side of your inside air handler unit.

o very clogged air filters.

o or if your system is electrically zoned, then the zone dampers may be stuck in the closed position.

Hope this is helpful.

Central Air Conditioning