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The condensation drain on my AC unit is clogged. Condensation is currently draining from the secondary drain. How do I clear the clog in the primary drain?


Dear Roblewiii:

If your condensate drain line on your air conditioning unit has gotten plugged, here are a couple of things you can do to clear the plug out.

If it is not plugged too badly, you can attach a wet/dry vacuum to the discharge end of the pipe, and use the wet/dry vacuum to suck out the gunk that is plugging your condensate drain line. Here is a video which describes how to do this:

If your condensate line has gotten very plugged, then you can cut the line near the air conditioning unit, and add a connection so that you can use water pressure from a garden hose to blow out the plug.

To prevent this plugging from happening in the future, then every 6 months you should add a little bleach into your condensate drip pan, to help keep the gunk from building up.

Hope this is helpful.

Central Air Conditioning