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My condensing unit has kept running all morning without the AC turning on and even when I turn the whole thing off. Flipping the breaker off and then on did not help do I need service?


Dear Karen:

There could be two things that could be causing your air conditioning condenser unit to not shut off:

1) your thermostat may have gone bad, or have a short circuited wire; or

2) you could have a stuck contactor at your condenser unit.

If you are fairly handy, you may be able to troubleshoot your thermostat. But I would suggest that you have a trained professional troubleshoot a possible contactor problem with your condenser unit.

Hope this is helpful.


Wow- you rock!

The thermostat is in good shape and programmable and I have tried every setting I could so I have a repairman on the way to look at the unit.

Thanks so very much!

I will tell my family about the site!

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