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The Home Wizard app calculates your ideal home care program to avoid problems with your Attic, but sometimes trouble can still occur. Here are answers to questions about attic failed thermostat.


Is it normal for my attic fan to run constantly now that we have temperature below 20 degrees? We live in North Dakota.


Dear Denise:

Does your attic fan have a thermostat or humidity control on it?

If it does not have a thermostat control on it, then you might want to consider adding a thermostat control to it. This way if the temperature in your attic goes below the set temperature, then the fan will turn off. The alternative is to manually turn off your attic fan during the times of the year when you expect the temperature to be below where you need the fan to run. However this can be a bit tricky if you are using your attic fan in the winter to help prevent ice damming on your roof.

If your attic fan does have a thermostat control on it, then you might check to see if the thermostat has failed. Usually an attic fan doesn't allow the thermostat to be set down as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so this is why I suggest that it may have failed.

Hope this is helpful.