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Why does my hot water tape bang when i shut it off or turn it on?


Dear Willie:

I assume that you mean water "tap" note water "tape".

Since you say that you hear a bang when you turn the water ON, then your problem is probably NOT a water hammer effect in your lines (which more typically occurs when a valve suddenly closes. Please see the answer to a question back on 1/15/08 for possible water hammer solutions.

But since you hear a bang turning your water tap ON, the problem could be:

1) A pipe to this tap is running through a hole in a wall, etc. that is too tight, which doesn't allow sufficiently for the pipe's thermal expansion.

2) Pipes coming to this tap are not supported properly, such that when they turn on, they bang into one another or into other things.

3) Air is trapped in the line, which needs to be bled out.

Hope this is helpful.


My home is on a slab there are gurgling or water dripping noises comng from the drain. This shower has not been used for 2 years. there is no water leaking what can it be?


Dear vcm0258:

Is the gurgling or water dripping noises coming from your drain a new sound? Or has it been happening for a long time?

If it a fairly new problem, then the following are possible causes:

1) A plumbing drain line could be partially blocked, and as a result, all of the fixtures served by this drain line (such as the unused shower that you mentioned) can be slow to drain. To fix this you can try a product like Drano (be sure to follow ALL directions), or have a professional clear the drain.

2) The plumbing vent pipe for your home may have gotten blocked by insect nests, birds nests, etc. To check for this, you will need to have someone climb up onto your roof and inspect your plumbing vent pipe.

3) If you have a septic system, you could have a partially blocked or sluggish septic system.

Hope this is helpful.