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The Home Wizard app calculates your ideal home care program to avoid problems with your Humidifier, but sometimes trouble can still occur. Here are answers to questions about humidifier dehumidifier setting.


i have to turn my humidifier down to like 50 in order to kick on the air, even if air is set at 65. we live in fl in a highrise with central air. if i have thermostat on say 75 and it gets warmer than that in the condo i have to turn humidifier to like 55 or 60 before the air kicks on. is this normal? i have not had to move humidfier setting in the past.


Dear Paul:

Is it a "humidifier" that you are have this problem with? Or is it actually a "dehumidifier"?

I would assume that this time of year in Florida, that you would be trying to reduce the humidity in your condo with a dehumidifier, rather than trying to increase the humidity with a humidifier.

If it is indeed a dehumidifier, then the reason that it might not be turning on is that central air conditioning acts as a dehumidifier itself (when an air conditioner operates to reduce the air temperature, it also reduces the dew point of the air causing water to condense out . . . this is why air conditioners have water dripping from them). So if the air conditioning in your condo has already dropped the humidity down for the temperature of the room, then this humidity level may be already below what it takes for your dehumidifier unit to kick on.

Hope this is helpful.