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Septic System

Routine Care Task

Pump out septic tank, and inspect


Since a septic tank is designed to collect a layer of sludge at the bottom, it must be pumped out periodically to prevent this solid
layer from building up to the point where the sludge can spill over into the drainage field lines, which can cause major problems by plugging up these pipes.


July (every 2 years)

NOTE: The tasks and timings shown here for your Septic System are based on a single-family home (owned), located in Massachusetts, United States, with priority set at ‘1 star' or higher, for all possible goals.

If you set your personalization differently in your Home Wizard app, then you may get reminders for different tasks and timings in your recommended home care program for your Septic System.

How To

septic system care A specially-equipped, licensed and bonded, septic tank service company should be hired to test the tank level, and as necessary, pump out and dispose of the sludge from the bottom of the septic tank. In addition, the septic tank company should check the alarm, baffles, compressor, motor, timer, and pump, as applicable to your system.


Since grease tends to clog septic tanks and slows down bacterial action, you should avoid pouring fats or oils down the drain.

Also do not put chemicals such as paint thinners, insecticides, or gasoline down the drains, as these will kill the important bacteria that break down waste products in the tank.

Further, to help extend the useful life of the septic system, insoluble solid material, such as plastic, rubber, rags, coffee grounds, and other foreign matter should never be flushed down the drain.

Helpful Accessories

Drain-cleaning Tool
Drain-cleaning Tool

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Drain Cleaner
Drain Cleaner

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  • Avoiding Unscheduled Repairs
  • Maintaining Value
  • Health & Safety

The benefits of this task are high, as failure to properly maintain your septic system can result in blockage of the leeching fields which are very expensive to replace or repair.


The cost of this task is moderate, and you will need to hire a licensed septic tank service company.

Septic System