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The Home Wizard app calculates your ideal home care program to avoid problems with your Roof Gutters, but sometimes trouble can still occur. Here are answers to questions about roof gutter removing ice dams.

QUESTION FROM Dwight Gregory

how to remove ice dams from gutters -DIY



If you already have ice dams that have formed in your gutters, then a technique to remove the ice dams is to use what are called "ice dam socks." An ice dam sock is a long tube made of nylon type material, that you can fill with ice melt crystals (the same ice melt that you spread on walkways, etc.), and you then place these long socks on your roof to melt the ice dams. Because the ice melt crystals are kept inside of the sock, it keeps the crystals from washing off of your roof and gutters as the ice begins to melt.
You can place these socks along your gutter, and you can also place several at a 90 degree angle to your gutters, so that as they melt the ice, they create a channel for the water above the ice dams to come out. You can purchase pre-made ice dam socks at most hardware stores, or you can do-it-yourself by cutting off the legs of nylon panty hose, then filling these up with ice melt crystals, and then tying off the ends. Another tip is that you might want to attached strings to your socks, to make it easier to pull the socks down when you are either done with them, or if you need to refill them with more ice melt crystals.

Hope this is helpful.