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The Home Wizard app calculates your ideal home care program to avoid problems with your Roof, but sometimes trouble can still occur. Here are answers to questions about roof shingle.


The house we are about to buy needs a new roof. The current owners insurance will cover it. They are installing Timberline Natural Shadow shingles by GAF. They may or may not remove the old shingles. Are these fairly good quality shingles and what problems could we face down the road if they dont strip off the old roof...?


Dear Jeff:

Timberline shingles by GAF are the number one selling shingle on the market, and there are many roofing companies installing the GAF Brand Material. The Timberline Natural Shadow shingles looks like wood, even though they are not. They come with the Dura Grip technology and the Class A fire rating. It is perfect for homes trying to look modern, yet with subtle hints of wood for a great effect.
They come with a thirty year warranty, and one hundred mile per hour wind coverage. There are two methods of putting new shingles on a roof. One method is to strip off the old shingles, and the other is to apply the new shingles over the top of the existing shingles.
There are arguments for and against both methods.

There are two main arguments against laying additional layers of shingles:
1) adding another layer of shingles adds additional weight to the underlying roof framing. And this can be a real problem, especially for older houses.
2) and, adding the second layer can increase the risk of roof leaks. Of course stripping off the existing layer and then laying down a new layer requires additional work, but if roofing professionals are tackling the job, they can strip most roofs in a morning.

Hope this is helpful.