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Outdoor Patio Furniture Tips

Regardless of what climate you live in, outdoor furniture takes a beating from the elements. But these tips for the routine care of your patio furniture will help them last longer and look nicer. more

Outdoor Decking: 10 Important Areas to Check

Your outdoor deck is a great place to enjoy your yard during nice weather. This article and video explain the 10 areas that you should inspect each year to ensure that your decking is safe and will continue to last a long time. more

Gas Barbecue Grill Safety Tips

A gas barbecue grill is a great way for your family and friends to enjoy outdoor cooking. This article and video provides gas grill safety tips that will help keep your grill, your food, your family, and your home all safe. more

Xeriscaping: A New Approach to Landscaping

Xeriscaping is a smart and practical way of landscaping and gardening that will save you water, save you time maintaining your lawn, and make a strong statement about your commitment to the environment. more

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