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The Home Wizard app calculates your ideal home care program to avoid problems with your Electrical, but sometimes trouble can still occur. Here are answers to questions about electrical video input not working.

QUESTION FROM parsarathi12

AV in (Video)in my Thompson 21' colour TV is not functioning. Audio in is fine , what may be the probable cause ? Checked Plugs - no fault found.


Dear parsarathi12:

Regarding your problem with your TV playing the audio input, but not playing the video input . . . here are some thoughts:

1) It sounds like you have checked your plugs, but you should still check your cables and any connections. And of course, double-check that you are going from the correct output jacks to the correct input jacks.

2) Make your TV is set to channel 03 (or whichever is the appropriate channel for AV input).

3) Make sure your TV is set to the correct INPUT by using your TV remote (not the cable remote) to toggle through AV1, AV2, VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, etc.

4) Try to find another TV or monitor that you can plug it into, so you can confirm that the player that you are connecting to your TV is working properly.

5) Check your player to confirm that is configured to use the video output that you are using. For example, if you have connected the component video output to the TV, the output may be disabled by default within the player.

6) Similarly, check your TV to see if the video input you are using is configured correctly (for example, composite versus component video).

7) If you are using a Home Theater receiver (or a separate video switch), it may be incorrectly configured for the video signal you are using (e.g., composite, s-, or component video). Or the receiver's video circuits may have sufficient bandwidth to handle the video signal, causing losses. If this is the case, you can try routing the video output of your player directly into an input on your TV.

Hope this is helpful.
Home Wizard